Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dream #1

Hey guys, it's me again. I haven't updated for the past three days which is totally unacceptable, I know. To make up for this I have an extremely tl;dr post that I'm sure only the most ardent concentrators will be able to soldier through.

The opening sequences of the dream manifests itself with me walking down a somewhat busy 4-lane street at sunset near the coast. I was apparently on some appointment to meet a girl of Taiwanese origin that I have never met but I have a feeling that I know her from somewhere in the real world. To hasten my arrival, I jumped into a blue unoccupied car and drove towards the beach, where the meeting was scheduled to take place. On my arrival there, she was standing facing the horizon, and upon noticing me gave me a battered videotape. All she said was: "View the contents of this tape. It will show you everything." The sequence then fades to black.

  A brief moment later, the dream resumes abruptly with what appears to be the videotape playback, but it takes up my entire field of vision and hearing. Think watching Cloverfield while wearing a virtual reality helmet. The tape seems to have been recorded during the Persian Gulf War, inside an Iraqi MiG. The watermark in the bottom right corner contains a number of Cyrillic words, and a single "1991". The camera seems to have been affixed to the pilot's helmet while recording, and his labored breathing can be heard. The film takes place at sunset over the ocean during a dogfight with Coalition Harrier jets and F-22 prototypes. The weapon that the MiG is using appears to be some sort of lightning gun straight out of Quake or something. The aircraft involved in the dogfight seem to be moving unnervingly slow, as if the Harriers are in VTOL mode and the F-22s are as well, somehow. The pilot of the MiG seems to be an air combat veteran, as he takes down plane after plane. When each plane is hit, it falls to the sea with a generic jet engine noise, and the inhuman screams of the pilots can be heard moments before they plunge into the water. This continues for some time until a Coalition aircraft carrier can be seen just above the lower threshhold of my line of sight, until the pilot drops some large green orb from his aircraft. Upon hitting the carrier, there is a large green explosion and the ship slowly fades away, as if teleporting. It is instantly after this that something begins flashing on the aircraft HUD, and an audible alarm can be heard. The pilot enters a steep bank and everything fades to black again. Either the videotape ended, the pilot blacked out, I blacked out, or a combination of these.

  When I come to, I notice I'm on the floor of a very cold hospital ward. When my vision restores itself, I slowly come to my feet and notice two women on an operating table receiving an ultrasound from a strange machine. At that moment, the power goes out and this ominous circus music begins playing. I stand still for a while, unsure of what to do, as fire alarms begin to flicker and beep gently on the ceiling above me. Then I notice a dim light on a wall far ahead of me, and slowly notice it is a large array of horizontally placed rectangular windows. The light from it slowly becomes brighter, and then what appears to be mist on the other side of the windows appears to clear. I start to realize what I am seeing is cloud cover, and I am either on an airship or in an extremely tall skyscraper. Once the cloud cover clears entirely, I see a full moon gently illuminating a starless sky with a heavy cover of purple-blue clouds just below the bottom of the windows. A door ahead of me to my right opens, and a crippled silhouette appears in the doorway and rasps, "This way." I follow him with apprehension, using the light from the moon and the open door to navigate my way around the hospital ward littered with tools and garbage. I assume the two women are either dead, unconscious, or not present at all.

  I follow the man to a musty, cold office room of extremely small, Japanese proportions. He appears to be some sort of cross between Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, and has a shuffling gait. He asks me to sit down at a desk, and upon my doing so, passes me a binder filled with papers that appears to be an employment roster. "This requires your immediate attention.", he tells me. I begin to examine the document, and notice it belongs to the comic book store that is in the mall in the real world. I notice names written in a surname first format, in all caps in a sort of typewriter font. What struck me as odd was the inclusion of a text field to the right of each name labeled "RACE". This contained words like "MESOAMERICAN", "UN-HUMAN" and stuff you'd normally never see on a racial background check. I looked for the business owner, the father of the girl, C., who works at the very same store, and noticed his name was labelled "SPARTAN". The very same man then bursts through a side office door, shouting something like "ATHENIAN SCUM! YOU SHALL TASTE THE BLOOD OF YOUR FOREFATHERS AS IT IS PURGED FROM YOUR BODY!" He then proceeded to chase me out of the office, and I ran through the exit door like something out of Mirror's Edge. I inspected my surroundings, and I was outside my friend B.'s house in the middle of the night. All the lampposts seemed to be on, and everything save my presence there appeared to be normal. I involuntarily checked my back pocket, and realized my wallet was missing. I poked around in the cold, dew covered grass until happening upon it somewhere in the swale. No one in B.'s house appeared to notice my presence in the front yard, as all the lights in the house were off.

  I began to walk towards my grandfather's house, stopping to pick up a strange object left on the side of the road that appeared to be some sort of model replica of a metal office desk. Picture two hollow metal squares containing drawers, with a metal plank welded across the top. Somehow I worked out that this would make for a decent boom-box, and I placed it on my head with the two squares at each ear, and put one earphone in each square drawer. The acoustics seemed to work quite well; I doubt this works anywhere else but in dreams. The music playing sounded like some Wu-Tang Clan/Faith No More remix. I noticed nothing strange walking to my grandfather's house, save some large areas of ground that had been either excavated or blasted with explosives. When I finally opened the door to my grandfather's house, it instantly became daytime. I approached him as he stood by the telephone, and he asked me if I had a parcel arriving from Hong Kong. I told him this was true, not knowing why he was asking me, much less how he knew of it in the first place. He replied "Excellent. Now the downfall of all that is orderly in this world shall commence." The dream then fades to static, and I awaken.

I actually do have a parcel en route from Hong Kong at the time of this writing.